GDR740DABER – Stability Software and Added Functionality

Name: Stability Software and Added Functionality
Version: V1.33
Date: 27/10/2011
Instructions How to upgrade


V1.33 improves unit handling of presets, standby time and EPG Sensitivity.

It also adds fast forward and rewind functionality to SD card file playback. To use this function please follow these instructions:

1. In SD Card mode, choose the recording that you wish to play and press the select dial to begin playing it
2. Once the recording begins playing press and hold the select dial for 3 seconds
3. The screen will display REW on the left side and FF on the right side of the display
4. Turn the dial clockwise to fast forward
5. Turn the dial anti-clockwise to rewind
6. Press the select dial once to begin playing from the selected position